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House Cleaning

Whether you are in need of a deep cleaning, become a regularly scheduled customer or are a contractor needing reliable, quality work, we will meet and exceed your expectations. Call, text or email to set up an appointment for a free quote. Options include one time deep cleaning, once a week, bi-weekly, and once a month. Each cleaning quote will be a fair rate. 

Construction Site Cleaning

No matter how efficient your construction crew is, construction work leaves a mess. If you’ve recently had renovations done to your home or business, you need a post construction cleaning service that will get the space ready for use right away. We pride ourselves on thoroughness and speed when it comes to construction cleaning. It’s our job to make sure you can’t tell the construction crew was even there! 

Office or Business Janitorial

The standard of cleaning at your commercial property can speak volumes about you and your service. If your building is clean and well maintained, it gives the overall impression of an efficient, well-managed company that cares about its employees, clients and associates. Schedule reliable cleaning with us and forget, we’ll take care of you! We are able to accommodate closed hours. Bundle your home and office an get a discounted rate.


Roof Moss Removal

We do it the old fashion way, elbow grease! No pressure washing or bleaches here. We take steps to keep your roof looking healthier for an extended life here in the Pacific North West. We follow strict safety guidelines and come ready to remove that unwanted and potentially damaging moss and debris. Gutter cleaning and roof treatment is included with roof moss removal service. 

Low pressure house wash

Low pressure cleaning is a method to clean homes using water and other safe cleaning agents and surfactants.
Low pressure cleaning is safe enough to put your hand in front of yet powerful enough to clean and kill mold.
Low pressure house washing protects against surface damage that can be done by power washing.


Pressure Washing

Restoring your home’s beauty can vastly improve its buyer appeal and increase its value.  Not only does it protect your investment, it increases the longevity of your siding, keeps the brick pavers more vibrant, preventsyour aluminum cage from deteriorating, extends the lifespan of painted surfaces, and removes unsightly mildew!

Gutter Cleaning

Our trained staff know proper procedures to clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts to ensure the water flows smoothly throughout the gutter system. A clogged gutter can result in water flowing behind the gutter and over the front of the gutter which may cause severe damage to your landscaping, foundation, windows and doors. Gutter cleanings decrease the amount of water that may cause wood rot damage to the fascia which supports the gutter. Stop a small problem from turning into a potentially large and expensive project by scheduling gutter cleaning session with us.

Window Cleaning

Whether it’s your  home, office, or construction site, we will take care of you. Once you’re ready for us, our professional staff will come and remove the left-over debris. We will remove stickers, paint overspray, stucco, tar and other debris in a scratch free and time efficient manner. We clean the inner and outer part of the windows by gaining access from inside. If necessary we use ladders and extension poles.

more services

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